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water treatment plants

Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Water Treatment Plants such as Reverse Osmosis Plant, RO Water Purification System, Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Plants, Mineral Water Plant, Water Purification Plant, Effluent Water Treatment Plant and many more items from Nashik.


We offer our clients a wide range of Reverse Osmosis Purification System which is useful in water purification process. Osmosis is the process in which water flow through a semi-permeable membrane that blocks the transport of salts and other solutes. This is the fundamental phenomenon of reverse osmosis. In a RO Water Purification System, reverse osmosis is the stage of processing while sediment and carbon filtration is included in the same for the purification process. The RO membrane is the basic aspect of the system. Reverse osmosis system is capable of rejecting up to 98% of the total dissolved solids in the water.

Stages of RO Water Purification System:

The first stage of filtration is the sediment filter, which reduces suspended particles such as:

• Dirt
• Dust
• Rust

The second stage of filtration is:
• Granular Activated Carbon Filters

• The third stage of filtration is:
• Carbon Block Filters

RO Water Purification Systems
We hold expertise in providing water treatment plants as per pharmaceutical specification. Water treatment is the process which is used to make water more acceptable for end-use. These water treatment plants remove contaminated material that damage water quality. Clients can avail these products at market leading prices.
Pharmaceutical Water Treatment Plants

Mineral Water Plants
We offer our clients Mineral Water and Packaged Drinking Water Plants that are used to purify drinking water as per WHO standards. Our water plants are ideal to remove contamination such as bacteria, virus, suspended matters, harmful minerals like fluoride, arsenic & lead, and excessive dissolved salts of calcium, magnesium, & sodium. Further, these are also able to remove levels of volatile organic chemicals, chlorine, and other taste & odor causing compounds from the water and thereby making water potable.

Mineral Water and Packaged Drinking Water Plant removes contamination such as:
• Bacteria
• Virus
• Suspended matters
• Harmful minerals like fluoride, arsenic & lead
• Excessive dissolved salts of calcium, magnesium, & sodium
• Volatile organic chemicals
• Chlorine and other taste & odor causing compounds
Mineral Water Plants
We offer our clients a wide range of Water Purification Plant to remove various impurities. These are available in two models such as sand filters and carbon filters.

Types of Water Purification plants:
Sand filters: These are ideal for removing suspended and visible impurities like sand, dust particles and heavy metals Carbon filters: These filters remove bad taste, color and odor from water

These filteration plants are widely used in following areas:
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Colonies
• Schools
• Colleges
• All water supplying government & private bodies
Water Purification Plants
Effluent Water Treatment Plants
We are engaged in offering Effluent Water Treatment Plant that can be custom designed after analyzing the type of effluent generated. In order to offer quality plants, we use advanced technology such as ASP and SBR for secondary treatment of waste water. These plants can be efficiently used for the treatments of all kinds of effluents.
Effluent Water Treatment Plants

We manufacture an exclusive range of Sewage Water Treatment Plant which can be easily installed at any site. The water treatment plant manufactured by us effectively caters to the needs of residential complexes, municipal corporations, housing societies etc. Traditional way to dispose municipal sewage is by diluting the waste by dumping it into an available body of water such as river or lake. Most of the bio-degradable substances of sewage are rapidly decomposed in the water body.

Application areas:
• Residential complexes
• Municipal corporations
• Housing societies

Sewage Water Treatment Plants
Reverse Osmosis Plant ( MOC SS304 / 316 )
Reverse Osmosis Plants
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